YEF Yale Attended Club Bazaar, Strengthening Mission

YEF Yale Staff attended the Yale Club Bazaar last Sunday to reach out to more freshmen on campus. YEF presented the ministry at Yale about the Bible study programs and other fellowship activities on campus. Many students were interested and invited to the upcoming event. They have gathered contacts with the registration sheets as well as with the survey form for events on campus.

After the bazaar ended, one staff shared, “I realized how powerful the testimony can be once again. When I started to share my testimony, everyone whom I was talking to suddenly listen so carefully. The love and grace Jesus gave should be transferred to other souls that are thirsty and yearns for His grace. I am so thankful for this opportunity.”

Another member shared, “I am so touched how God prepared a way for me. It is first time to evangelize by myself but when I approached to students for survey, I was so encouraged by the fact that no one refused and all accepted and kindly filled out the form. I will do better next time with much courage to save and reach the souls that God had prepared.”

Around 200 clubs came out to the bazaar to introduce their clubs to attract freshmen as well. YEF Staff shared, “I could see that many students at Yale need Jesus. They are in great need of God’s grace and comfort in the midst of intense workloads. I wish YEF HQ can come to Yale more often to spread the gospel and form a group to rejuvenate them in Christ.”