Our Fellowship at a Glance

Do you want to have a deep and loving fellowship with Jesus Christ? Are you looking for answers to life’s problems? If so, YEF invites you to deeper understanding of life and self.

We are a group of proactive, outreaching Christians, whose youth and passion are spent on bringing glory to God’s name. YEF has been a symbol of revival in urban mission since its establishment, working to redeem college campuses for the greater cause of Jesus Christ!

The World at Your Doorstep

Mission Trips

YEF believes that all Christians have the responsibility to spread the gospel to all nations and people on the earth. YEF offers exciting opportunities for all students to travel to different continents.

International Retreats

Our fellowship hosts annual retreats and conferences Europe, Asia, Africa, South America, North America. Membership of any kind is always welcome to continental retreats.

Mission School

In collaboration with Olivet Seminary, we offer free of charge, widely accessible training to current and future ministers around the world, including those under-served by traditional seminaries.

Why Campus Mission?

Historically, revival always came when youth arises for God. The father of Chinese mission, Hudson Taylor, was only 21 yrs. old when he first went to China as a missionary. John Calvin wrote his famous book that impacted Christianity, ‘Institutes of the Christian Doctrine’ at 26. Most of Jesus disciples were in their 20s when they started the movement of Jesus. These are just few facts about youth mission.