YEF Guides U.S. Chapters With Summer Plans

Summer can be a time of break for campus mission staffs but it can also be a strategic period for new chapters to powerfully start the fall semester.

Recently, YEF published summer guide for newly starting YEF chapters in U.S. stating four things to successfully prepare the fall semester.

YEF staff said, β€œIt will be a harvest field in the beginning of fall semester for most of campus ministries so it is crucial to prepare this period well to greet as many students as possible.”

First, it is praise night set up preparation. This is something that can be easily established once praise leaders and team are created. To have musically talented members to involve the praise worship night organizing project can have blowing effect when the freshmen starts to rush in at the beginning of fall semester who are looking for the new activities.

Second, hosting a survey. Summer time is perfect time for survey to find out the student’s interest and concerns. YEF suggested two kinds of survey topics. First, it is for upcoming event. It is to find out students’ interest and what they are up to for more effective campus event planning. Second, It is to find out their concern and suffering range on the campus. The question can be such as ‘have you ever been depressed after coming to college?’ etc. This is a easy way to reach more students and can get some contact information if they are willing.

Third is school registration for those who haven’t registered. As it is still possible to submit the application form and be approved before the fall semester for most of colleges and universities, it is good to find a way to register during this summer course to meet the thriving harvest with many freshmen.

Fourth is developing social media or website for public image and evangelism. Staff shared that β€œSuch as Facebook, Instagram can be like base camp for the campus mission. If it is well managed, it can boost up the mission on campus with more attracted new comers through the social media. Of course, it can be stagnant at first and need much hands to take care. But as you manage more daily, you will realize the importance of it. Many students whom we meet on campus will ask websites or social media page to find more information.”

Please pray for many campus mission to blossom this year with supportive system and God’s grace to U.S.