US Youth Evangelical Fellowship chapters recently have been actively involved in club fest to reach out college students. Many were interested and be invited to the coming events and fellowship. YEF was able to gather their contacts information in order to follow up with them later.

YEF attended the club fest of Yale University, New York University and Johns Hopkins University on Sep 4th, 8th, 9th respectively. YEF choose to evangelise freshmen through club fest because it is considered one of the most highly attended events during orientation in campuses.

YEF printed out flyers and sent out to freshman, and invited them to join bible study. YEF had a booth in the fest to present YEF ministry to introduce about Bible study program, upcoming events and other fellowship activities on campus.

The aim of evangelism through club fest is to set up YEF chapter in the campus and find potential student leader to lead the Fellowship.

To YEF interns, these are their first time experience to evangelise by themselves. They found out that personal testimony sharing can be powerful weapon use to evangelise. Besides, they realised the love and grace Jesus gave should be transferred to other souls that are thirsty.

These campuses’ students are in great need of God’s grace and comfort in the midst of intense workloads, hence gospel that can bring someone life ought to be reached out to them.

As for campus that has new student leader being set up, YEF hopes to raise the leader well.