YEF HQ Guides All Local Chapters Leaders To Renew Their Hearts

Regular online meeting of all YEF local chapters which took place on Thursday, 8th of July allowed leaders to present reports, receive guidance and this way unite with one another.ย  Moderator who lead the meeting mentioned importance of keeping basics and having standard to hold Group Bible Studies and fellowship regularly at least twice a week.

We need to teach about life of Jesus precisely and see if people are willing to change according what Lord is telling us through scripture. if that is not done, all other things can be nice, but would never change one’s heart and life. Evangelism starts with our hearts, it starts with question what do we really want. If we truly want to bring people to God, would not Holy Spirit work with us?

What do we want is truly important. Jesus asked blind beggar what he wants, and responded that he wants to see. But in other story recorded in Bible when 4 people bring paralytic to Jesus he didn’t ask them what they want? But Lord saw their faith. To have this faith that wish to bring one more soul to Jesus, to have this heart is crucial in every one of us. If this is in us and we pray will not heaven move? It will.

ย And if you lost this heart go back to Bible and go back to pray and ask HIM to help you to gain it again. This is how revival starts, it is with repentance. Repent and ask to be revived, you first, and then Lord through you may revive others, whomever He wants to call.