YEF Envisions 100 Countries, 300 Campuses Expansion by 2019

Youth Evangelical Fellowship presented during the WOA 25th General Assembly with video presentation, sharing the goals and strategies by 2019.

Presider shared before the presentation, “We dream that one day tens of thousands, even millions of young people coming to Christ, being touched by the love of God and boldly proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ to the end of the world.”

She said, “Once my mentor pastor told me that the one who dreams will never go weary or tired. We experience challenges and trials and difficulties, but what holds us up is this dream that we have together with God, that one day the world will come to see the love of Christ in spite of our weaknesses and struggles in our daily sins.” added, “looking at our past of our own ministry achievements, the goal seems to be too big to accomplish. But we believe it is possible only because God is with us and God is able. I believe that there are amazing works yet to come for YEF. There is great work of salvation in this plan of God in this ministry. Please keep this YEF ministry in your prayer.”

YEF presented the goals of setting up 100 countries, 300 campuses by the end of 2019 with the strategies of three different focuses; Network, Finance, Training. In order to achieve this goal, YEF will aim to launch and reinforce the current program of pioneering missionaries or intern-missionaries for short-term mission program to OA churches, strengthening finance system, intensifying the current summer training(YEF LEAP) by attracting more young generation around the world by settling as each continental regular event.

YEF will also lead the internship program for 3 months-round for members and young leaders from the chapters. This way, YEF will build the next strong leadership and network between the countries to soar higher for the next phase of mission expansion.