North America Leadership Retreat Concluded with Abundant Grace

Youth Evangelical Fellowship retreat was held focusing on examining the deeper meaning of freedom in Christ.

All the lectures and seminar were very enriching and strengthened the leaders in the retreat. They all agreed that our true freedom is in Christ who had liberated us from sin and we should all crucify our sinful nature on the Cross and live in righteousness and to Christ with our choice. They had studied Apostle Paul who claimed to be a freeman(1 Cor 9:1) but have become slaves to all men to save even one more soul willingly and voluntarily.

After all the session was finished, Atlanta chapter leader said, “For a while, I’ve been thinking how can I become a better leader; how can stay encouraged in my evangelism? I must have a bigger heart and really show through my life, what this path of freedom really means. A person who truly understands their freedom and the great salvation, can bring the same to others. I really feel like this is a beginning step in coming to a deeper understanding.”

New York chapter leader shared, “I realized I should focus on my relationship with God more than works of ministry. I lost strength over times because I was focusing on the works and responsibility and how I should teach better. But through this retreat, I was able to look back on myself and realized that I need deeper and closer relationship with God more than anything.”

Another student leader from California shared, “This was a wonderful time. The interaction with the members has left me wonderful memories. Their smile and the service of love made me experience the world of the gospel more.”