Try New Year’s Verses, Instead of Resolutions

Towards the beginning of the year, what is the disease that plagues humanity specifically? It is the flu? No, that’s not it. Is it sin? Surely this plagues us always, but this isn’t the specific thing we wish to discuss. No, it is the plague of unfulfilled resolutions. Promises of healthier dietary choices, wishes of a more success; very rarely are we able to keep our resolutions. For some of us, we may be wanting to keep better Biblical standards, but more often than not, we fail to keep these as well. So what should we do? The idea of wanting to change ourselves for the better is a good one and the beginning of the new year is a good time to want to start implementing better habits. We don’t want to give up this great idea!!

Something we, at Youth Evangelical Fellowship, do is pick New Year’s verses to have throughout the year. It’s something we’ve done for a while and so we hope it could help more people. You begin by picking a number of bible verses, maybe the 20 most popular (depending on your group size). Then you can print out verse on thin sheets of paper (bookmark-sized). After doing this, put the printed out verses into a hat or any container mix them up and each person can select a verse without looking. With these verses, you can form your New Years resolutions based upon them. Not only are you better your year, but you are forming your changes based on the Word of God. And we feel this is the best way to implement change in each life.