YEF Taiwan Welcomes New Souls to Join Sunday Worship

By the grace of God, YEF Taiwan has been focusing on the invitation of worship and the new souls are coming to Sunday worship.

Four new students attended Sunday worship and they are all students from Taiwan University, and one student brought his friend. In this sermon, the words of John 2, the wedding banquet of Cana, were delivered.

YEF Taiwan missionary said, “The beginning of the worldly feast is gorgeous, but its end is shabby. However, the feast of Jesus as our bridegroom becomes more and more beautiful and more joyful.” And then she encouraged to quickly acknowledge the vanity of the world and to live holding up to the promises received through the word of truth.

After the Sunday worship service, the first Korean lecture class was held after the attendees shared the grace and had time for dinner. YEF Taiwan leader has asked for prayer so that by upcoming Pentecost, the goal of 12 attendees can be fulfilled.