YEF Korea Focuses on Education and Faith Training for Potential Leaders

The potential leaders of YEF Korea are growing in grace through the word and counseling.

Recently, YEFK has been focusing on the training for potential leaders who are constantly studying the Bible, in order to set up new mission leaders in the first half of this year.

They are all young people who deeply understand the Word of Truth and seriously contemplate the obedience of God’s will and calling and the determination of life in it. Members of the YEF Korea cooperate with each other to build them up as valuable co-workers for the Kingdom of God.

The minister of YEFK shared, “We want to continue to find the thousands of hungry souls who hope to use their precious life, their existence, and talents worthwhile, and those who are wandering without knowing the will of God.”

Please pray for the potential leaders that they could deeply meet Christ’s love and follow His path as the true disciples.