YEF Zambia Has Graceful Evangelism at Northrise University

YEF Zambia had graceful evangelism at Northrise University and they discussed some of the questions that the students have.

During this evangelism, the team discovered three questions which required answers, the first was doctrine in which they encouraged one another about the different kinds of doctrine which are found in different churches, “different is good but we must not let it lead to discrimination, let us not judge others based on their doctrine it is only if you do not judge them they will not judge you either,” Ruth shared.Β  Secondly was about finding the right partner when they asked, “How can we find the right partner? “, in order to answer this question Ruth gave the following statement, “in order to find the right partner you need to be patient and you must in God for only He has good plans for us, try to forget about the idea of marriage and give your request to God then He will do the rest “. The last but not the list of their question was about peel-pressure, “This was the biggest problem which not only students but all youths face this challenge but the best way you can prevent it from taking control over your lives is by knowing what is good for you, knowing where you stand so that no one can shake you and lastly, let us not try to please anyone else apart from God,” Benson shared.

In conclusion the team leader had this to say, “From these three which only came from six students, we can even imagine how many questions that other students have, I believe there is a lot we may not have answers for all of them but God has answers for every question which these people have.”

Please pray for YEF Zambia to evangelize diligently and find more souls.