YEF Uganda Holds a Graceful Bible Study at Makerere University

YEF Uganda has held a graceful Bible study with 3 new students and listened to the message from Philippians 3:20.

The leader of YEF Uganda, Martha Mona shared the message, “But we are citizens of heaven, where the Lord Jesus Christ lives. And we are eagerly waiting for him to return as our Savior.” We meditated about this verse and we connected it to the creation story where God made the first man Adam. Adam was made by God and everything that God puts on earth, he knows its meaning there is always an origin of the things on earth from the creator. And where the creator is, where the origin is which is heaven. Therefore, we become citizens of heaven since we were created by God and more still in his own image as the bible says. So as we are here on earth we wait for the return of Jesus Christ our savior who by his return will take us back to our origin place and that is heaven.

A sister shared, β€œWe learned that we are not of the world but rather we belong to heaven since it is our place of origin, and we are the citizens. So by sinning, we lost our citizenship and Jesus Christ is meant to restore us back to our origin.”

After the study, they shared the grace and pray for each other. The leaders hope that there will be many souls come to know Christ and the hungry souls can be quenched by the Word of God.