YEF North America Representative Makes Its Short Mission Trip

The representative of YEF North America Danielle White made its short mission trip to Nashville and spent the day to evangelize at Vanderbilt and Belmont campuses.

Started with prayer together and discuss the evangelism strategies, they evangelized for three hours and talked to a few students since the campuses are in a summer class and close to the end of the semester. However, they are thankful that they were able to meet two students who had Bible study previously, and one new student who is interested in volunteering his talents.

And the minister reflected, “I feel there are many good students there. We prayed that we could have more wisdom when evangelizing there, protection, and hopefully not attract unneeded attention. I hope that we can find one good student to begin making a club there, so there can be no problems.”

It was a powerful time of grace and they are praying that the students they met could come to the fellowship.