YEF Atlanta Starts New Month with Evangelism Together YEF NA’ Rep.

With the new heart and new hope in the new month of August, YEF Atlanta chapter leader began with evangelism at GSU campus along with YEF NA representative, Danielle White.

During evangelism, though there were not many people on campus because of finals and the end of classes, they were able to meet two potential students who are interested in Bible Study in the fall. It was raining but the leaders were resolute in trying their best before God and continue on to find just one more lost soul.

Minister Danielle shared, “We were both a little low energy at the beginning but we wanted to put our flesh behind us and try our best. Though it seems like campus is empty and most of the people we do meet aren’t interested, I can feel like we’re truly piling up for abundant grace in the fall. I feel so happy and proud to be apart of this mission together. I pray that everyone we meet will still have an interest when fall semester comes!”

YEF Atlanta leader Anu also expressed, “It was very powerful when evangelizing together, I felt like the disciples of Christ, when Jesus would send them out in pairs, I definitely felt that we were bolder in approaching people than I would have been if I was alone. God has been faithful this week. When I was evangelizing by myself on Monday which was the last day of summer classes, I was very tired and didn’t feel like going and it also started to rain. I prayed and asked God that if he truly wanted me to evangelize that when I stepped outside the rain would have stopped and that I would find two students who are interested and God did as I asked, I was so thankful and excited because it reminded me that God is always with us and goes before us preparing the way.”

They plan to continue evangelizing together and pray that may people would come to God so that YEF Atlanta will be used greatly in building up the Kingdom of God on GSU and in Atlanta.