YEF Welcomes A New Chapter Leader Jonathan in Cebu, Philippines

YEF Cebu Chapter Leader Jonathan Reloba

YEF International welcomes brother Jonathan Reloba as YEF Cebu chapter leader. YEF Philippines gains a new Cebu chapter, they expect to grow and be stronger in network for the Kingdom of God.


Jonathan shares his heart for YEF saying β€œI want the youth here in Cebu to commit in the Kingdom of God, because I truly hope them to serve God and His Holy Kingdom. Nowadays college students and young people only focus on earthly possessions. But we could be an example to others giving an idea that they can still service God even if they are busy in their studies or work. I also want them to praise our Divine Father for all the Greatness He has made in our life.”


He adds β€œI pray that by YEF mission, not only they be guided on how to serve God, but also know how to live their lives not thinking about their earthly desire only but His Kingdom and the righteousness of God . They should also serve first our Heavenly Father, because serving Him and following His commands first then all of the things they want will be given by God.


Praise the Lord to allow YEF has a precious Cebu chapter leader and ask prayers for YEF mission!