YEF Philippines Attended OA Philippines Leadership Training

YEF Philippines had attended the first Olivet Assembly of the Philippines leadership training and had motivated stronger for the Kingdom of God. It has ended with testimony and closing service on October 17th, 2019.

Each leader gave an opportunity to preach the word. L.Rachel teach from Romans Chapter 2, YEF Manila member Bhel andย YEF Cebu leader Jonathan also shared Romans Chapter 7.

Jonathan shared “In the training, I have realized and reflected many things especially in studying the book of Romans. Learning Romans is quite hard if you only use knowledge however, I can say that through the wisdom that God has given to me I reflected the learnings I gained from the book. The wisdom that helps me to understand Romans more deeply is that I am a sinner. And if people are more aware of their sins they must also aware of having repentance. Our flesh must surrender to the spirit. And it must always be the slave. In continuing the mission, I am looking forward to inviting many youths to gather and worship God for His greatness. Not only that but also help those youth who are at risk of becoming a sinful person. And guide them to the path of becoming righteous, also letting them know that no matter what and when if they need a person to talk to as a leader I am always there for them. And will never leave them just as our almighty God is to us”.

Sister Bhel shares, “I feel so blessed to attend the training and it made me realize many things in continuing the mission. I am so thankful to God that I have given the opportunity to share His words with my fellow leaders. I realize is that I should step up and never waste time to find souls for the kingdom of God. Because of the training, I saw the reality and the bigger picture of the mission. It made me motivate and by the grace of God may we reach our dreams for the mission.”

Leader Rachel also reflects “I was glad and really amazing how God works through all the leaders who share boldly the word of God. Seeing my fellow Filipino how they shared, reflect, and see their joy for what they are doing was really a work of the holy spirit. I am so blessed that I am being a part of this training. I am thankful for giving each of us an opportunity to share the word with other leaders too. Many realizations from this training and help my spirit to grow and understand more the word of God.The importance of deep understanding in the word like what Apostle Paul shared in the book of Romans. I have been motivated more to share the word for those who needed, who are lost in this fallen world.

After studying Romans 1-8, the leaders were more motivated to do the mission to find people for the Kingdom of God.

It was also decided by the missionaries that at least quarterly, the leaders would come together to have a leadership training in order to have effective mission strategies for the Philippines.

Pray for all the leaders to be more effective and equipped by the word of God to share the word boldly.