Pastor Nahum Ma New Appointed Leader of YEF Malaysia

By the grace of God, Pastor Nahum Ma was appointed as YEF Malaysia!

His family is now preparing Visa documents for Malaysia and needs a lot of precious prayers. They pray and plan to start mission by the middle of December.

Pastor Nahum Ma shared his thankful heart stating, “[I] thank God [as He] gives my family so precious a position. We are so weak and small but God has great hope in us and wants to use us to seek and shepherd the lost sheep. Our mission field is Penang. Here there are many Malay-Chinese and they can speak Malay, Chinese and English. We really hope through them the gospel will spread to more places. May God give us the wisdom, strength and power to open the new era of the young mission in Malaysia.”

Pastor Anderson Kim, the representative of YEF International said, “We are truly grateful and joyful to have P. Nahum’s family as YEF. Southeast Asia is still young and growing field for world mission. We pray that Malaysia mission revives through YEF with young generations for the Kingdom of God.”
Please pray for YEF Malaysia mission.