YEF Zambia Evangelizes, Inviting Youths to BBS

YEF Zambia evangelizing more youths. Inviting them for BBS, as they look forward to the Christmas retreat. Two youths, Thomas and Bwalwa, met with chapter leader, Ruth, whom they shared their contacts and were invited to their Saturday bible study program. Ruth said there are great hopes to receive more bible study students to share with them the grace of God.

“This a strong, biblical foundation can be laid through teaching them the Word of God. Through this, we can receive more members to help in expanding the kingdom of God. With Christmas is fast approaching and the retreat coming nearer, it is our prayer that it will have a great impact on our growth. The bible always encourages me to have confidence in God for He knows all things and it is only by His grace that all our plans will come to pass.”

YEF Zambia is reminded that the spirit is willing but the body is weak, so it’s their prayer that God can strengthen both their spirits and bodies so that they can stand firm without becoming weary as they continue running this race.