First YEF Mission School Begins with Old Testament Study

In order to help young members grow during Winter Break, YEF Headquarters is hosting a Mission School in a five day period. The lesson plan of the program goes over topic, such as,ย The Worldview of Christianity, Creation, Genealogy of Good v. Genealogy of Evil, From One Person to A Nation of Priest, Journey of Faith: From Egypt to Canaan Land,ย as well as, student mission movement and mission history.

Topics like these are packed into an intensive schedule every day with a conclusion of deep prayer together. With these schedule, plus time of prayer, the attendees always leave with the abundant grace of God filling their hearts. And the grace doesn’t stop when they make their ways home, but they also have homework to finish reading the assigned books of the Bible.ย 

The Mission School teachers encourage students to see the bigger picture of the Bible and deeper understanding of the History of God. Although the History of God seems defeated by the history of man; not going towards the Kingdom of God, it flows powerfully by the truth and the promise of God in the Word of God.