‘Glorify God With Whole Your Body’, YEF Zambia Bible Study

YEF Zambia held a bible study at Revival Church on January 7, 2020 with a total of six youths. They learnt how they can worship God with all their bodies allowing Him to transform their lives.

The reading came from the book of Romans 12:1-2, Minister Ruth explained about offering their bodies as a living sacrifice, as it is the true worship that is acceptable and pleasing to God.

“The Bible is telling us to give our whole bodies as a living sacrifice to God. This is teaching us that we need to use our whole body to bring glory to God. Everything that we do we need to do for the glory of God. By doing this we will be pleasing to God”, Ruth taught. She also encouraged them to allow God to transform their lives so that they can know the good will that He has for them.

She continued saying “We must not fashion our lives according to the standard of this world. Apostle Paul is telling us this because the standard of the world leads to sin. Evening the bible tells us that whoever makes himself a friend of the world creates enmity with him and God. The standard of the world is sin and it leads to eternal death. in order to know the will of God, we need to be transformed by God inwardly by a complete change of mind. The transforming power is in the hands of God. For it to work in us we need first to give our whole bodies to God.”

“Through the teaching, I have gained strength in my spirit as it has taught me how I can worship God using my whole body, allowing him to work in us that he can transform us and making us to understand his good will for us”, one student shared.