YEF LA Continues Regular Saturday Bible Study

On Feb 2nd, from 4pm to 5pm, Youth Evangelical Fellowship Los Angeles had Bible study with Yiyi and Lin in University of Southern California Leavey Library 201B. The students came on time (actually both in advance) and listened attentively.

Ephraim Fan shared the message of knowing our sins. “Jesus said He came not for healthy ones, but for patients,” he begins, “Only when we know deeply about how diseased and sinful we are, we could have a true relationship with our Savior.”

They looked at the Ten Commandments and several New Testament letters for the list of sins, going from superficial to innermost. Yiyi and Lin confessed that they are far from sinless when judged by the Bible. Ephraim then shared the consequences of sin.

“Before hurting anybody else, our sins make God angry and heartbroken. Especially if we continue sinning after receiving Jesus, we are actually humiliating His crucifixion for us. Our sins are also the source of our own torment, just like how David greatly suffered when he refused to repent (Psalms 32:3-4).”

Yiyi and Lin were amazed at the imagination of how beautiful this world will be when one day everybody ceases to sin.

After the Bible study, Ephraim gave Yiyi and Lin each a book of Bible, wishing that they can actively read the Bible from time to time. The Bible study next week is scheduled at Thursday (Feb 6) at 4pm. YEF LA hopes that after recognizing our sinful nature, they will not regard Bible studies as a pastime enjoyment, but have a great desire to seek Jesus the true doctor. The fellowship has planned to find yet another regular Bible study student, and will evangelize more often for this goal. Please pray for USC students to come study the Bible, to attend regional retreats, and to help registering the club when the time comes.