YEF Latin Leaders Begin Weekly Meetings to Build Relations and Save Souls

The Youth Evangelical Fellowship of Latin America (YEF Latin) unites to begin igniting growth for the continent. The México and Uruguay YEF Chapter Leaders gathered for an online conference with the YEF Latin Representative, Jhon Teran. During the conference, they could know each other’s situation more clearly and get encouragement to prepare for the time when the universities will be open again.

The Mexico missionary shared her difficulty to overcome the language barrier. However to combat this, she is taking Spanish classes online in hopes of better evangelizing and ministering to the many students within the city. By God’s grace, she also shared that in México the people are very open and positive to receive the Word so she asked for more prayers for her to overcome this, as soon as possible so that she can be able to understand them and teach them the deep Word.

They will gather once a week to get strengthen and prepare to save many youths’ souls in this year.