YEF Latin Representative Visited YEF Asia Pacific HQ and Prayed Together

On April 10th, Pastor Joanna Park, the representative of YEF Latin, visited YEF Asia Pacific Headquarters and had a graceful fellowship.

The family of Pastor Joanna Park is currently staying in Korea for a while and preparing to build YEF on the Latin continent in earnest, after returning to Argentina as the Corona 19 situation improves. Pastor Christopher Park and Eunice Choi of YEF Asia Pacific shared YEF mission status with her and discussed concrete evangelism strategies. After that, they had time to pray with YEF Asia Pacific headquarters staff for YEF Latin missions and ministers’ family and health. While praying, everyone experienced the Holy Spirit pouring out great grace and new power into their hearts.

The minister of YEF Latin and YEF Asia Pacific decided to continue to network and collaborate consistantly. After the prayer meeting, the leader of YEF Asia Pacific shared the following comments.

“We were so thankful that a precious guest from afar came and prayed together and encouraged each other. In Latin, May YEF become the great door of youth evangelism, and God can use us preciously for the great revival of the campus ministry. For that we will pray together in one heart.”