YEF Continues to Grow as a Manila Chapter is Established

By the grace of God, Youth Evangelical Fellowship is blessed with a new leader, Sister Bhel Alolor, for Manila, Philippines. With Manila being the capital city of the Philippines, it serves as a heavily important and viable location for the spreading of the Gospel. In 2018, Manila was projected to enroll over 27.7 million students into public and private education, with 152,000 enrolling win state and local colleges and universities. This was, by far, the highest in the country’s history.

Notably, the Philippines is the only pre-dominantly Christian country in Southeast Asia, with roughly 80% being Roman Catholic. This gives more potential in evangelism and the ability to more easily bridge the gap of understanding of the Word of God between the students there.

The new leader, wishes to share her thoughts and grace on becoming a YEF leader.

“I am very thankful for God is pouring down His love to me everyday and for this role that I will be taking in,” she begins, “I’m also very thankful for it and I will gladly received it because this is the gift of God.”

She continues to express her hopefulness to set the YEF ministry with a firm foundation that can lead many youths; a ministry where the foundation is Jesus Christ so that in the day of adversity the strength is Him. She’s also looking forward to stretching the tent and doing more for God through this ministry. Although, the world is still in midst of health crisis she trusts God that everyone will be an instrument to lift up His name.

There are many youths that are yet to hear the word of God. Hence, she strongly clings to the promised of God that He will send more nations to come.

“Even though, the young people nowadays ignore God I am still hoping that there are the ones who are waiting to hear it.”

She’s also planning to evangelize online until things calm down, but hopes to evangelize outside after this health crisis and share the Word of God to her fellow youths. This new role may be difficult because there will be rejections to those youth who don’t want to hear the Word of God but she believes that in Him there is hope. He can turn impossible into possible.