YEF Argentina Adds Another Participant to Online Bible Study

Online Bible studies continue to grow this time with the arrival of a student’s mother. They were taught a message on the Original of Sin taken from Isaiah 14:12-14. Speaking on the root sin of Adam and Eve, the YEF Argentina Leader, Pastor Jhon, explained to folly of early Man is the same sin that haunts mankind today. And it is this sin all should be aware of and fight against; helping others in this fight as well.

Finishing the message, each participant shared their reflection. The mother was especially touched and testified that since her daughter shared with her everything she learned from the Bible, her life totally changed and she was very grateful to hear the Word of God. They’ve also set out to read a book from the Bible each week, because of the grace received. This week they will begin with the book of Psalms and thus each week they will be meditating on a book from the Bible.

In this way, they will try to keep up Bible reading as a good habit for their lives. May God bless this group that is being formed and may new souls be added and grow by knowing the Word.