YEF HQ Continues Compiling Online Evangelical Tactics through Education

From written devotionals and Bible studies to recordings and videos, the Youth Evangelical Fellowship (YEF) continues to gather educational materials in preparation for new incoming leadership for students and evangelism tactics. What is the greatest asset to this fellowship? A strong, biblically-based Bible study and firm foundations in prayer. YEF wishes to utilize these basic, yet integral things into creative forms that can touch the lives of many.

Of course, the compiling of ‘written’ educational material and spoken lessons will stay within YEF. However, the possibility of doing short five-minute devotions, lessons, or anything pertaining to the Word to post on Youtube for the public could be a promising venture for the group. With this, YEF can begin sharing more of its own content on social media sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram; therefore increasing online presence and accumulating a greater possibility of evangelism.

“When praying,” YEF General Secretary, Danielle White, shares, “I feel that during this time that, yes, evangelism is important, but what is the next best thing? It’s to touch a life, not with just some ‘feel good’ things, but with the truth. There are so many things yelling and calling out to people, making them confused and scared. Many of these things are based on half-truths or a lie. So, we should think to ourselves, what is it that YEF can do during this time to help remedy this spiritual condition?”

With this idea and prayer, the fellowship wishes to be used by God through online platforms, as much as possible for good and pure things. Please pray for this and for God’s blessing and guidance.