YEF Zambia Teaches Bible Study at Local High School

The second day of holding Bible studies at a local high school by Youth Evangelical Fellowship Zambia (YEF), a total of 7 people attended including the Teen Mission Zambia leader, Tresphod. They studied about the Image of God and the purpose of life which marked the conclusion of the first law among the four of the spiritual laws, which is, creation.

The reading came from Genesis 1:26 which was talking about the image of God and verse 31 of the same book talking about the purpose of life.

When God created this world, He gave a part of Himself which is His image. What makes the image of God is not the physical appearance because the image of God is love. YEF Zambia Leader, Ruth Mwepu, spoke in detail about this truth.

“This love was given to everyone of us but we are not the true image of God,” she explains, “we have been told in 2 Corinthians 4:4 that Jesus is the true image of God, what makes us different from Him is the amount of love that He has. He was perfect in love but our love is not perfect because when Man fell, even the love became corrupt with sin.”

During the second session, she taught about the purpose of life from verse 31 of the book of Genesis 1. She taught how God has given different kinds of gifts and talents but they all serve for one purpose which is to give joy to God. This is why He even had to share part of Himself into Mankind so that He can receive joy. After He created man, He blessed them with the following blessings, ‘be fruitful and multiple, fill the earth and subdue it’, therefore, Man’s love needs to increase and they need to rule over this world with love, by this God receives joy.

Student Benson shared, “This bible study is very graceful I am learning even more about the purpose of my life which is give joy to God,” “the love that He gave me needs to increase so that it can rule over this world.”