New Potential YEF Volunteer for YEF Kazakhstan

Recently, one potential member of Youth Evangelical Fellowship is added to Kazakhstan, who can evangelize actively. Now the missionary there is praying for Potential Member, Kundyz, hoping she or others can stand up and do campus mission powerfully.

Sister Kundyz became a Christian 25 years ago and she has been very passionate in evangelize, so much so that all her four sisters became Christian after her, her mother as well. By the grace of God, all of them are in the very same church. Kundyz also served full time in her previous church as designer and a youth leader. She gathered many youths in her group, but she was sent to Turkey for two years and as a result, the church couldn’t keep those youth she evangelized. When she came back, the church said she was old and was not suitable to lead the youth group any longer. This caused her heart immense pain, as she was denied her passion for youth mission.

Sister Kundyz became a committed member to a different local church two and half years ago. She confessed that the vision of Kingdom has been her dream, and now she found a church with the same vision. Through she membership and serving many of the church members are evangelized by her.

The missionary of Kazakhstan expressed, “I am so thanks to YEF always for their prayers for YEF Kazakshtan. All their love and prayer will be piled up for us, to the strong warrior of YEF leader in Kazakhstan. Please Pray for Kundyz to stand up firmly to resume campus evanglize passionately.”

YEF International is praying that through this possible change the revival could come to YEF Kazakhstan.