YEF Africa Efforts to Recover Pure Gospel of Christ Jesus

Nowadays Pastor Thomas Ha, the leader of Youth Evangelical Fellowship (YEF) Africa, is researching about the Prosperity Gospel (theology). As he was ministering in Kenya for a long time, he was trying to deal well with the issue of prosperity gospel. Because there are many poor people in Africa, that may be the reason of spreading the prosperity gospel, which focuses on the material blessings for the life. But it could prevent people from understanding the true gospel and raising the true disciples of Jesus Christ. So Thomas decided to research about the issue of prosperity gospel and made a project book then distributed it to the members of his church to test the effectiveness of the project book how it can help people to recover their pure faith in God. The results looked very good. One of the participants of the research shared his reflection like below.

โ€œPure Gospel is perfect in its own way. It does not try to please anyone and sets the ground even for everyone to partake in it. Pure Gospel is the true Gospel from God Himself.

Prosperity gospel is man-made out of greedy hearts of those who proclaim it. The proclaimers of this gospel only tell their congregation what they want to hear only so that they may maintain and entertain their large crowds as they pocket more money for themselves.โ€

The members can pray for Africa mission continually so that many people can overcome the affections of prosperity gospel then many disciples of Jesus could be raised to expand Godโ€™s kingdom in Africa.