YEF Atlanta Weekly Group Study : “Do Not Worry”

The Youth Evangelical Fellowship Atlanta (YEF) Chapter continues to teach Bible studies to students over the summer. Its Representative, Anu Titilayo-Samuel, taught the group study from Matthew 6:25-34.

The participants continue to focus on the Sermons on the Mount by Jesus, with the main topic being not worrying and seeking the Kingdom of God. Jesus spoke about how much He doesn’t want His children to worry. He used a very insightful example explaining that if God provides for the the birds of the sky how much more will He provide for the ones He loves. He wants to take all worries daily from Mankind and not worry about the little things or even big things because God is the ultimate provider.

One member reflected that this Bible study reminded her of when she was worried she was able to find comfort from these words of Jesus. She also shared that through this time she wanted to take action and read more of the word. Minister Anu shared her recent worry dealing with her MCAT studying and how she has to rely on God and trust in him more than ever. Members Toni, Jaylen, Lillian, and Johnathan were able to join. Please pray that the leaders of YEF Atlanta and its members can give their cares and worries to God and trust in Him more.