YEF Atlanta Leader Teaches Group Studies for the First Time

Today, Youth Evangelical Fellowship Georgia State University (YEF GSU) President, Rani Reid gave a message on Matthew 8 verses 5-13; teaching students to have the humble heart of the centurion. Denying any human authority we have and submitting to Jesus’s authority even when everyone else around you doesn’t have the faith to do so. Brianna Barnes, a returning student who previously joined YEF bible studies in person on Wednesdays before the pandemic, shared her heart gracefully. She shared that it is easy to get caught up in the rituals of service as many of the people around her have growing up. Since she grew up in the church she has always followed the rituals and she is now understanding that through bible studies like these that there is more to God than rituals and laws. Like the centurion, we need to have this pure faith in believing that Jesus will answer our prayers. Even when we don’t see the answer until later. Romans 8:28 says God is working things out for our good. This is why we must trust him and believe in him no matter the circumstances. Students from YEF GSU learned the message that all things are possible to those that believe in him. Please pray that each one of the members from YEF can learn to have the heart of the centurion and grow to receive God’s love deep within their hearts.

Rani’s reflection on teaching “From doing my first bible study, I learned to have more patience with my leaders because teaching, making, or doing a bible study isn’t always easy. Especially when it isn’t their first language. It’s something that shouldn’t be taken for granted. And I can now see even more the importance of teaching. Knowing that my leaders teach passionately in a language that they aren’t native to is also something that encouraged me that I can do a bible study too. It also encouraged me a lot to keep going even when I think I’m pronouncing something wrong or making mistakes because my leaders do it too, but even through their mistakes God still uses their words to touch the hearts of others. And this is a great blessing that we all get to receive only through God’s grace.”