YEF Bible Teacher Internship Continues For Leaders To Have Shepherding Heart

Youth Evangelical Fellowship (YEF) Bible Teacher Internship continues fruitfully by the grace of God. YEF HQ holds 2 internships, one is for Asia Leaders and the other is for HQ staff. Both of attendees are passionate to learn and prepare themselves to teach many souls to come.

The YEF Bible Teacher Internship is to equip leaders and potential leaders to understand basic bible study based on 4 spiritual laws and how-to shepherd lambs. Though everyone is dealing with different situation, always they find that the reason and purpose of their ministry is to save one more soul. To be a good bible teacher and shepherd like Jesus, they have met 2 times a week, 2 hours every time.

They learn the bible study they will teach, the attitude and guidance. After each session, they have open Q and A and prayer time. Participants also teach back and gain feedback from teacher. It also helps a lot for them to grow in teaching and counseling.

One leader said, “I didn’t have chance to learn basic bible study this much detail before. I have taught many students before but I didn’t think a lot about clear direction or shepherding them. I expect that I can be a good bible teacher having the heart of the Lord.”

Other leader shared saying “Bible studies we have give me strength and guidance. As a leader I have to lead people, still I need to learn and have clear guidance. Through the internship, I could reflect myself and check my heart. I also like to share my experience to develop in ministry.”

Please keep praying for YEF raise good bible teachers with the heart of the Lord.