YEF Daegu Center Is Dedicated and Leader Lee Is Appointed as the Minister

On December 29th, YEFK held a dedication service at the YEF Daegu Kyungpook National University Center.

YEFK dedicated the Daegu Center, which was joined with Saean Church, AM and YD this time, and appointed Leader Lee as a full-time minister of YEF Daegu Branch.

The mission leaders attended the dedication service and shared the new beginning of Daegu Youth Mission with abundant grace.

Leader Lee, who will be serving the YEF Kyungpook National University Center said, “As a person who was evangelized and raised in Daegu, this time is more touching for me. I am so grateful for being called to this place where many tears, prayers, and sacrifices are piled up. I heard that once a church is established in this land, people will surely be found and those who are found will surely become great leaders. The belief that 120 youth like the dawn dew of the Lord will surely be found came into me. Please pray a lot so that we can fulfill the will of God’s calling.”