YEF HQ Reminds Leaders to Shepherd, Following the Example of Jesus

Youth Evangelical Fellowship HQ has made a point to concentrate more focus on raising students into leaders, deepening the roots in Christ of anyone who joins the fellowship. Especially for those who join through the church, it is the responsibility of the fellowship to give them increased opportunities of growth through leadership and truly living the life of discipleship. During the continental leadership meeting, General Secretary Danielle White called the leaders to refocus and remember one of the basic duties of YEF.

“We stand in the position as mediator between the church and their young leaders and students. We aid the church with their growth through more flexible means,” she adds, “that means giving them opportunities to increase their experience as a leader and also offering things to them.”

Just as Jesus raised His disciples, He taught and gave direction, but He also called them to do the work He was doing, to evangelize and heal the sick. As continental and chapter leaders, the other leaders (for continentals) and the students are like staff, as well as, those being taught and cared for. This sort of mindset is not only helpful to remember in order to grow their faith, but also to help in alleviating some of the work that must be done. At the end, Jesus died and was resurrected and put at the right hand of God. His disciples continued His work and were made into leaders of the early church. Those who were once shepherded became those who shepherd and make disciples.

“This should be the ever-flowing nature of mission and discipleship. Work together with them and let that be their lesson and growth point.”

The leaders were exhorted to remember this and to practice in their care for their leaders. They were also encouraged to work together with chapter leader’s pastors to facilitate their growth. Chapter leaders are also encouraged to take on this same heart when evangelizing and teaching students. They are not to be just bible teachers, but true shepherds and bridges leading to God in all aspects. Working together with those leaders and/or members in the church and aiding in the growth and mission.