YEF Registered Members Receive Mission Training in the Brazil OC

Two Brazilian members, evangelized through YEFK’s online Bible study, arrived safely at Olivet Center in Brazil and are growing graciously through daily missionary training.

Students, Clara and Talita , who arrived at OC in Brazil on the 6th and 7th, wake up at early every morning and attend to morning service. They study the Bible in the morning and are trained in lectures to preach the Word they listened to in the afternoon.

YEF said, “We hope that the Holy Spirit will guide these two souls in the middle of training and ignite the fire of truth so that they will be raised up as passionate Latin mission leaders.”

The following is a reflection sent by Sister Talita during training.

“When I entered the Olivet Center, I finally felt that I belonged somewhere. There seems to be nothing better for me than having a new family in Christ. Before I come to OC, I couldn’t understand this plan the Lord has provided for me at first and I had a little doubt in my heart. But after I arrived, the belief came to me that even if I cannot understand it now, if I obey it, I will soon be able to understand God’s great plan and guidance. I believe that by participating in the training, I will be able to be usefully used to expand the Kingdom of God. So, during one month, I want to give all of myself to God. Because it is safer to be with the Lord than anywhere else in the world.”