YEF Africa Begins to Prepare for Praise and Prayer Night Themed, “Rejoice in the Lord!”

As part of their March plans and goals, YEF Africa wanted to have a fellowship event that would serve as an introductory point for students to YEF Africa and for the leaders and members alike to fellowship in the Lord. To fulfil this goal, YEF Africa plans to have a Praise and Prayer Night event Friday the 26th of March at 7:00 pm West African Time, 8:00 pm Central Africa Time, 9:00 pm East African time and 2:00 pm EST.

The event will consist of about 20-30 minutes of praise and then 30-40 minutes of prayer.

The theme “Rejoice in the Lord” stems from Paul’s exhortation to the Philippians in Philippians 4:4, to always rejoice and be joyful in the Lord. This week, the YEF Africa Chapter leaders and Representative are preparing the theme, schedule, and praise songs for the event. Through preparing and creating a theme as well as advertising on social media, YEF Africa Representative, Anu prays that this can be a stepping stone for the chapter leaders to begin to plan and lead events like this for their various chapters.

YEF Africa invites anyone who is interested to participate freely in the event, they will also be hosting the event live on the official YEF Africa Facebook page.

This coincides with the international guidance given by YEF HQ to strive to have at least one event per month per continental region. This was given to challenge and grow chapter leaders while opening a wider net in inviting many. The future goal is for each chapter to host their own events twice per month and continuously gain members to help in planning more fellowship events.

Please pray for the Praise and Prayer night event to go smoothly, that many African members will be able to join and be blessed through this event and for the internet connection to be stable throughout the event.