YEF HQ meets with New YEF Asia Pacific Leaders : New Chapter in Unity

YEF General Secretary, P. Danielle, met with P. Chanryu and M. Cathy, the new YEF Korea and Asia Pacific leaders, to fellowship and to understand the situation for each mission field. The meeting proved to be a fruitful time and increased understanding of how to move forward in communications and in working together to increase God’s kingdom. The importance of unity between YEF Asia Pacific and HQ will continue to be the focus between them. HQ hopes to guide these new leaders well and believes that by the work of the Holy Spirit these new young leaders can work powerfully for God’s.

“We’ve come to understand the importance of staying close to HQ,” the new AP leaders shared, “It’s our blessing to follow HQ closely, so we hope to receive continued guidance from P. Danielle and the learn together with the other leaders. God has given these positions to us as great blessings, so we are very thankful.”

Through this meeting, the YEF GS was able to get to know the leaders better. As they’re still in the process of transitioning many things, including the transfer of Bible students, P. Danielle and YEF HQ are continuously praying for the ministers as this is the important groundwork that needs to be settled firmly.

The leaders will now begin joining continental meetings and receive more exposure to YEF international mission plans, goals, and prayers.