YEF International Chapter Leaders Called to Growth Through Leadership Training Programs

Since beginning the Leadership training last year, YEF has improved and updated the program to be more flexible and helpful to chapter leaders all around the world. YEF HQ worked to do this in order to aid the continental leaders in having their own training programs and by God’s grace, continental representatives are taking the initiative to begin these training programs with their chapter leaders. In order to build up their continental mission, the chapter leaders are now called to step up and come to a deeper understanding of mission works and how to grow membership.

Southeast Asia and Africa are the first continents out of the YEF network to work to begin these training programs this year. YEF SEA has already begun its Leadership program with Bhel, the YEF SEA Rep., teaching, alongside Vietnam chapter leader, Nhung, who participated in YEF HQ’s training program last year. This has been a great opportunity for Nhung, as well as, the other chapter leaders to gather more experience in taking charge, missions, and growing bible students into leaders.

YEF Africa Rep., Anu, is also planning to begin training with the African leaders next month. With the help of YEF HQ, she gathered more understanding and direction as to how to teach and plan out training for her participants. YEF HQ hopes to provide a video series and written content for all continental leaders hoping to plan Leadership training in the future, so all may have the opportunity of greater growth as a leader.