YEF North America’s Mission Plans

This week, YEF North America (NA) continues their study of the book of Romans with student Jaewon. By the grace of God, they are moving more quickly than they were before, despite only having bible study once a week. Students Emmanual and Justin are moving quickly as well. YEF NA continues to pray for their students to continue to grow and learn more about the Word of God.

As the mission grows, YEF NA is planting more seeds in Atlanta. YEF Georgia State University as well as YEF Georgia Tech are both in the process of being established more firmly. Please pray that many students can come to Christ through YEF’s university club.

YEF NA is also connecting more with members and leaders in Nashville, Tennessee, Alabama, Texas, LA, NYC, Toronto and more. YEF NA is still planning and focusing on having at least one chapter in each of these regions and also boost the regions with HQs in cities like Philadelphia, Saint Louis, Florida, and more.

YEF LA is also growing at a good rate as 2 students named Tom and Ling continue to have bible study with the YEF LA leader.

Overall, please pray for evangelism as well as all the chapter leaders and all bible study students growth.