YEF Africa Begins First Online Zoom Group Bible Study

On Thursday, the 29th of April, YEF Africa was able to begin their first online zoom group Bible study on the Book of Romans. Right now, there are two students in attendance-YEF Rwandan Member Valentine and a new brother from Uganda Elijah.

Elijah first attended the YEF Easter Retreat and expressed his interest in joining Bible studies. Though he is very young in age, Elijah still listens to the Bible study diligently and learns well. YEF Africa hopes that he can continue to grow and mature in Christ.

Valentine recently became an official Member of YEF Rwanda and has become more active in the chapter. She is a 1st-year student at University and also has a passion and desire for the word of God.

YEF Africa is grateful to be able to start these Bible study online with two students, despite some internet connection issues, they both persisted and attended the Bible study. Hopefully, many more African students will be able to attend the online Bible studies.