Cultivating a Healthy Life of Faith

Throughout this week, some YEF leaders began to teach the younger members how to establish and build relationships in the community of Christ, while others spent time drilling into their minds about how we can accomplish our calling. The two topics may seem a little disconnected, but when looking closely there is a core message to be found. It is the message of living a life of faith.

Hebrews 11:1, states “… faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.”

What does it mean to live this life of faith? It is to believe in something you can’t see the full manifestation of yet. We are called to live in harmony and fellowship with each other, with God as the foundation of every relationship. However, this image of love became tainted and we have misused it. God is calling us back to this original place of love and getting there will only take faith. We can’t build these bonds of love and fellowship with each other without believing in the one who is love. We cannot accomplish our calling until we believe that God will help us through it. Many of us have yet to experience the deep world of faith.

Many times we go on this path without really planning out where we see ourselves in a few years. We just go through the motions of Christianity. However, God is calling us to go to a deeper place of fellowship and faith. It is not a place where we shoot aimlessly and hope that God answers our prayers. It is a place where we are firm in what we believe in because what we believe is in alignment with the purpose of God.

As you read the three ways to cultivate your faith below, we hope that you can develop healthier faith habits.

  1. Study His Word 

Many people wonder how they can be in alignment with the purpose and the will of God. The answer to this is the bible. God left a manual for us to check out and in order to understand what we must do, we must study it daily. Why daily? His word is like food for our spirits. Have you ever missed one meal out of the day? You’re starving when it’s time for your next meal. In the same way, we must stay in his word because it nourishes our Spirit, which in turn nourishes our faith.

2. Pray Daily 

Prayer is like a conversation with God. Sometimes you speak, but other times you listen. It’s where we have a daily check-up with God to be sure that we haven’t strayed from his word and that we are following his commands. This constant communication will allow a relationship to be established and the love you have for God will continue to grow, which can lead to a deeper trust in his words and his character.

3. Stay in a Christian Community

Placing yourself around people with the same goal as you keeps you motivated and reduces the amount of distractions life can bring. Having this unaltered focus will allow an easier transition from a life of shallow faith to a world of a deeper faith. It’s like you are all on one sports team and are fighting against the same person. It’s so much easier to win when you have multiple backups.

We hope that you are encouraged to follow these tips. God longs to help us build a stronger foundation of faith. We challenge you to continue implementing these tips in your life and watch how strong your faith grows.