YEF Zambia Holds First Prayer Meeting of the Month, “We are the Light of the World”

Youth Evangelical Fellowship Zambia held a prayer meeting at a local high school with three regularly attending students. During the prayer meetings, a short message from Matthew 5:14-16 was given before the prayer. Through these verses, they discussed the identity and purpose of followers of Christ in a sinful world. After the discussion, the participants were encouraged and called to pray for the light of Christ to shine through themselves and others.

The YEF Zambia leader, Pastor Joanna, then taught the attendants to allow their light to shine in this world filled with darkness. In the Bible, it talks about how Jesus was directing people to their purpose by telling them they are the light of the world. Jesus, therefore, concluded they needed to allow their light to shine, so that others may see their good works and glorify the Father who is in heaven.

She explained that they are not the original light, similar to the sun, but they are like the moon. “When the sun is still shining it is the light of the world, but if night comes the moon reflects the light from the sun becoming the light in the darkness. The same is with us, Jesus is the sun and we are the moon. Therefore we need to allow people to see the light of Christ through us.”

YEF Zambia leader continued by saying, “Everyone of us here has been blessed by God in a different way. This is why we are very precious before God. We can impact this world in a different way by allowing the light in us to shine in the midst of darkness.” She concluded the message with encouragement to the members “to be an example of light in this dark generation, so that many can see the right way of living.”

YEF prays to continue to teach other more members about their commission as Christians.