New Member of YEF HQ Staff Shares Grace Over the Training Program

The new member of YEF HQ staff, Rani Reid, has reached the third day of her time at the center. Her leaders are working together to provide onsite and online training. Through this, she has begun the process of learning the operations of a Christian organization and has been given the opportunity to grow and fellowship with the staff.

As a part of her training as HQ staff, Ms. Reid has begun her biblical studies by enrolling in a course at Olivet Seminary. While taking the course, she learned the deep truth of Romans and it has reignited her fire for a deeper understanding of sin and salvation.

Rani shared, “From this study, I learned about the true righteousness of God. As Rev. David Chang described in the message, it is not something cool and nonchalantly amazing, but it’s actually something really scary. This righteousness that was revealed shows all of the dirt and grime that sticks to us from sin. When this righteousness is revealed, the dirt we had is scrubbed off and broken down. It’s actually really painful as well and this righteousness that was talked about in this study came through Jesus Christ. It is through Jesus that we can experience this cleansing. From this message, I want to allow God to cleanse me and make me more righteous day by day, despite how painful it may be.”

The importance of understanding the Gospel is essential when working in missions, even if you’re not on the mission field. Through steady work and a deep understanding of the Word, God can work amazingly through those current and future employees.