A Brother Finished 40-Days Bible Walk, Testified the Faithfulness of God

On June 3, Brother Philip finished his 40-Day walk of faith and celebrated his spiritual growth. This 40-Day walk signifies a period of testing and overcoming. God flooded the earth for 40 days and nights. Moses fasted for 40 days, and Jesus wandered the wilderness for, yes, 40 days. Overall, itโ€™s a number associated with testing and the hardships one must endure to become more spiritually aware.

Philip started this spiritual journey ofย  40 days in late April. He was a beginner of faith, knew only a little about God, and had many misunderstandings regarding the Christian faith. By the grace of God, he kept studying continuously with ministers daily and his eyes were opened to see the love and grace of God.

Here is his testimony: “I really want to offer my gratitude to God. The 40-days walk is enlightenment of my life, which sows the seed of faith in my heart. Before I studied the bible with Pastor Sharon, I misunderstood God. In my eyes, God is a demanding God who set rules in order to make us His slavery. I believed I would lose my freedom if I follow God. But all these are changed after the Romans study and I understand why I am a sinner, and all my original sins are washed away by the precious blood of Christ who sacrificed for me. I am saved by his forgiveness. During this period I experienced many ups and downs. I was in fear and anxiety, but now I cast away my fears by handing all my worries to God. God holds me tightly whenever I was in doubt In this path of sanctification, God told me that I am precious and noble. I now walk towards holiness by resembling the life of Jesus Christ. ”

Brother Philip expressed interest in growing in the Word of God. Please pray for him to follow the path of faith well and to offer his life to the Kingdom of God.