YEF HQ Building Spiritual Fortitude for Upcoming Retreat

Youth Evangelical Fellowship General Secretary, Pastor Danielle White, had begun morning Bible reading and prayer together with the young YEF staff members. In order to build up spiritual fortitude, the members showed the desire to meet together in the mornings to read the Word and fellowship together. Especially before beginning the day’s work, the members hope to be spiritually protected and united in heart.

As the head, all parts of the HQ must be pure, and no matter how small the role, every person is vital to fellowship growth and stability. The spiritual battle is fierce, so the importance of being spiritually fortified can not be overlooked. In Psalm 73, in the prayer of Asaph, he speaks about how he almost fell because he looked only at the physical and the world and forgot God’s grace and the spiritual truths of God. As HQ, the members learned that it’s vital to always surround themselves with the truths of God and dismissing the negative and worldly things.

Through their first morning Bible meeting, the members meditated on this and came to a deeper understanding of the fierce battle, how to combat and thrive in God’s Word.

This focus on unity will not only be for the staff at YEF HQ. These values will be implemented in the upcoming Summer Retreat and Internship for all YEF leaders around the world. Leaders are preparing to further teach spiritual fortification in the lives of their leaders, with the hopes they will share with their students once they leave.

YEF hopes to become a place of spiritual protection for others who are growing in faith, through being united in heart and spirit with each member of YEF.