YEF North America Presents at OA North America Weekly Meeting

Youth Evangelical Fellowship North America (YEF NA) representative presented about YEF mission for Olivet Assembly USA and Canada (OA). Leader, Rani Reid, briefly gave an introduction about YEF’s overall ministry.

“We are an international organization inspired to call college and university students into a purpose driven path of Jesus Christ. Passionate young to transform their lives, as well as, the lives of others”, she said.

She shared about the curriculum that is provided to help grow potential students, “We have a detailed curriculum set based upon the guidance given by WOA. However, for each students’ needs we will happily provide many other helpful bible studies and counseling in order to facilitate their growth.”

In hopes of visiting each state one day, she also shared about her current mission plans and also her past mission trips in the southern region, “In the last couple of week’s I’ve gone on a mission tours in Atlanta and Nashville to help in evangelism and fellowship with the young CM there. We’ve also begun a new semester of evangelism at the University of Central Florida, the 2nd largest university in the United States. We have online group students with students from all over North America, but also on site for local students.”

Lastly she stated, “As we continue to plan, we hope to work together with the pastors there and help in mission however we can. After WGA, we plan to do the same as Birmingham, with focused online evangelism and then a visit to set cities throughout North America, in preparation for the YEF membership training.”

Future membership trainings will be focused on growing students to become strong members and also later becoming strong leaders in YEF. YEF NA prays for each leader in all the regions of the USA and Canada and she also hopes to work well with each one in the future. Please pray for youth mission revival in North America.