YEFK Daegu On-site Evangelism Continues at Daegu University

YEF Korea : Daegu Chapter visited a local university’s Gyeongsan Campus in the middle of the mission tour in Daegu City. As the Daemyung campus was moved to the Gyeongsan campus, the number of students increased, and YEFK Daegu is full of hope for evangelism.

The students who were evangelized on this day were the souls who heard the Gospel for the first time. And among them, a Christian sister was found. YEFK Daegu minister has been asking for prayers, “I felt sad to see that there are many souls who have not heard the Gospel in Daegu. throughout this time of mission tour we would like to set Abraham of Daegu.”

YEFK Daegu plans to tour major universities in Daegu until their church community’s annual general assembly.