YEF International Sees Breakthrough in African EV for 153 World Mission Project

August 16th 2022 — Through online evangelism, Youth Evangelical Fellowship International has seen breakthroughs in evangelism for the 153 countries within the continent of Africa. The fellowship prays that through this benchmark example, online evangelism could grow to help in pioneering the other 153 countries across the globe. Through Instagram ads, YEF Africa could receive students from Namibia, Malawi, South Africa, Zambia, Kenya, Nigeria, Ghana, and Sierra Leone. The fellowship is so grateful to God and astonished at the results. They also hope to encourage the other fellowship regions with prayer and strategic posting, to see results like this in order to aid in bringing more young people to God.

This comes as great hope for the fellowship to increase chapters and worldwide reach, as well as, hope for the continued fulfillment of the Kingdom of God here on Earth. The team has begun researching and thinking over the steps taken in order for this to take place.

“According to,” M. Anu Samuel, YEF Africa leader shared, “the most commonly used social media platform on the African continent is Facebook, with 80.97% of Africans on the platform as of July 2022. Keeping this in mind, YEF Africa mainly focused their online evangelism efforts on Facebook… [however] beginning of August, we were granted an ad credit to boost a post so it could reach a wider audience on Instagram. In Africa, the percentage of Instagram users stands at 2.47%; this made me a little hesitant to run the ad due to fear of low reach. However, after giving it some thought and trying to find new ways to improve online evangelism, we ran a Bible study Instagram ad targeting specific countries like Chad, Malawi, and Namibia. In addition, we also targeted countries where an Olivet Center is located, like Nigeria, South Africa, Zambia, and Kenya. The ad was set to run for 7 days, concluding on August 12th, 2022.”

As a result, 4,332 people were reached, with 97 people interacting with the post. Twenty-nine people contacted the YEF Africa page interested in Bible studies, and 22 signed up for Bible studies with the hope to begin next week.

In investigating further on this result and the steps taken to get there, the fellowship hopes to improve world evangelism as a whole. When approached in faith and belief, God can outpour blessing after blessing. The reality of covering this number in 71 days could seem daunting however, the YEF will continue to have great expectations of God revealing His awesome work through the team and their members.