YEF Singapore Evangelizes Onsite at NUS With Hope

On August 16, 2022, Youth Evangelical Fellowship Singapore Intern Pastor Deborah Foong evangelized onsite at the National University of Singapore (NUS) campus with the heart to find the prepared NUS souls for the Kingdom of God.

Pastor Deborah spoke to different students and evaluated that though there were more students present at campus compared to the peak of the Covid-19 season, the turnover rate of evangelism is still much lower than online evangelism as there were more non-Christians present onsite. More prayers will be devoted to seeking God’s wisdom and Will in finding the quickest and most effective method of evangelizing the masses in Singapore, whether it should be the method of on-site or online evangelism.

Pastor Deborah shared her reflection on evangelizing on campus, “This is the first time I saw this many students return to campus since the Covid-19 season began. I felt very hopeful as I saw the students and wished to share with them the gospel. I found that this time my heart has been very joyful to share the gospel with others – I am truly thankful to God for the work of the Holy Spirit. Though it was hard to get contacts from the students, I could feel the heart of the students as I used to study in the same places and was evangelized on this very campus too. I wish to grow deeper in prayer for these students and to find the best way to evangelize them quickly so that we could set up and register YEF Singapore on campus too.”

May God lead to the greater development of mass evangelism tools and bring forth many potential NUS students for the Kingdom of God.