YEF UK Evangelizes Unceasingly, Called to Participate in the Pioneering of Many Nations

Youth Evangelical Fellowship United Kingdom (YEF UK) chapter is continuously evangelizing with the aim of calling more young people to spread the Gospel to the world and unreached places. YEF UK set out to join the pioneering movements in Europe and Africa by evangelizing those prepared, who already have the zeal to serve God and preach the Gospel. Just as Christ says in Luke 10:2, β€œThe harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field.”

In London, there are many second-generation citizens of parents from foreign places, especially in Africa. The fellowship hopes to find those prepared by God. Following the guidance of the Holy Spirit, the church community is planning for 153 countries pioneering before the end of October. With only two months away, YEF UK wishes to participate in the new mission guidance and guide those who have the desire to do missionary work. There is still some time to equip them with the Word of God. YEF UK will evangelize and pray tirelessly with the focus to expand the Kingdom, believing that if God has the plan, He has already prepared the people for it.

By His grace, the chapter leader was able to begin Bible study with one brother, whose parents are from Ghana. Though it was his first Bible study, he expressed his desire to one day go to do mission in Ghana. This was really shocking and blessed for the missionary. YEF UK prays that he would grow in the fellowship quickly and they would find many more like him. Please pray for the mission in the United Kingdom. May God renew the nation’s spirit and use it to send numerous missionaries all across the world.